all the girls in london (have sad eyes)

i know you don’t expect this letter
just say you’ll read it to the end
i cannot explain my leaving, this silent year
it took the time and space to make it clear

life with you is true and this is lies
all the girls in london have sad eyes

how does it feel around our house
now that the place has one less fool
i stopped in the street to hear a busker play
i saw it in her face when she played “yesterday”

i crossed at the waterloo, the wind blew off the thames
st. martin’s sighing in the night with the sound of hymns
i looked around the side of the dream there in my mind
only a hotel room and two lives left behind

don’t tell mom what’s in this letter
want her to hear it all from me
there’s no more denial in me, no more disguise
not even the way i like to keep things a surprise

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