come here and get me

i got a floodlight burning inside of my head
i’ll take a candle inside of my hands instead
i want soul leaking out between my teeth
want my feet on the ground and clouds beneath

you said come, i said yes
everything since is just one big mess
i’d sell off diamonds for sand if you let me
so please i’m asking just come here and get me

i’m always out looking for something new
looking past the world’s most beautiful you
now dreams and angels sound good in a song
i want them in our life, back where they belong

why should i ride this flat lifeline
as it rises ten feet a mile
you wouldn’t waste a life like mine
i know it’s not your style

it was easier to give you my soul
than one short day i want to control
i think that’s all i’ve got left to say
wanna get on the road while it’s called today

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