five lines

five lines i would not cross
five vows i’d stand behind
in the morning there’s a breath where the day’s not lost
and then i’m looking back at my five lines

i would never take your name in vain
never make her sleep alone again
never spend a whole day wrapped in fear
never follow a thought so far i can’t come back again
and you’d never take your hand away from here

i’m gonna love comfort less than the truth
remember what the truth is anyhow
and always cherish honor love protect and obey
half as proud and twice as brave
and you’ll see me like i really was that way

now lines and vows don’t come at any cost
quick to draw, cheap to make, and easy to leap across
two hands folded above two knees
you’d think i could do it with ease

i know it’s been a long time since i prayed
i can only keep the promises you made

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