grace bomb

you knew mom when she was still a girl
a grain of sand waiting patiently inside a pearl
mercury to my moon, shining bright
every day it’s kisses, tears and dynamite

you’re the gut punch, pop gun, upper case e
you’re the window back into the good me
you’ve got angels baby singing harmony
little grace bomb aimed at me

mirrors only hang on the wall and show your skin
but you follow me everywhere and show me all the way in
some days i’m a hero, burning red
some days i’m the monster underneath the bed

whatever time in this life we’re apart
you have to know you always had my heart
no doubt you’ll break it time and time again
i’d rather tell you now than tell you then

one snowy night we’ll take a walk downtown
see that baby in a manger with a tiny crown
look into his eyes, does he look like you
he should, he loves you more than we do

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