lean in

well i’ve heard it said we only hurt the ones we love
i guess nobody loves you more than me
but you say instead i’m a snow white dove
made for someplace more than i can see

today i’m as old as my dad when i was born
some days i can’t see doing forty years again
unless i can feel your spirit strong and real
holding up my back against the wind

so i can lean in

i know where it says if i reach up my hand
that you’ll pick me up every time i fall in
but how can i see you coming for me
when every night i’m down in here again

tell me it’s all right, tell me it’s my time
tell me there’s a plan somewhere with my name
i might have seen a lot of darker nights than this
but tonight i’m gonna need a brighter flame

now God i won’t ask you for new promises
or to take away this cup you’re gonna send
just tell me that one again, where the punch line says
you’ll be waiting for me at the end

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