new year’s day

it’s new year’s day
little lonelier than yesterday
little tougher than the movies say
that’s ok
it’s a new square one
and now we’re tilting back toward the sun
but winter cannot be outrun
till it’s done
so it’s gonna get colder

good news grows in the telling
or it fades away
i’m telling this story to you
so we can make a better one someday

ghosts overhead
we were taught to never leave behind our dead
we learned to live between the words misread
and unsaid
but life is made of second acts
no overtures or fade-to-blacks
we put these burdens on each other’s backs
so let’s relax
and help each other lay them down

the only way out of winner takes all
is we all promise never to win
now we both know who we’ve been
two villains two heroes
two absolute zeroes
two fighters two leavers
two untrue believers
too strong to get out
and too tired to stay all the way in

victory is semisweet
so many nights awake in full defeat
too many memories i can’t repeat
and can’t delete
so no more empty threats
we outlived the romeos and juliets
forever making new regrets
but love forgets
and the first two words are the hardest

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