rock paper scissors

well i walk a road of rough stone and foolish pride
on my back my failed glory
i know i have a second chance, but i want a first one
i just want another way to tell our story

thank God life’s not lived by playground rules
and we could will ourselves to love some more
i threw it all away and you came back like a boomerang
you said baby what else are promises for

rock burns a hole through paper dulls the blade of scissors cut the rock in two

everywhere i turn i see a new horizon
and i always think i’m gonna pass the test
cause you’re the only place the sun will rise in
and it always seems like i wake up facing west

so i’m still walking with my foolish pride
it’s still too big to carry alone
if i ever thought i could deserve you
i could not love this rough stone

you put your hand in mine, i reached out for another
and all i touched was you

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