safe boys

will gets up the nerve and blows the candle on his wishes
all he knows about her is the rumors and her honeymoon skin
but two a.m. tears, four p.m. lunch and desperate midnight kisses
and the get out of life free card wears thin

safe boys and dangerous girls always seems so right at the time
but you’ll never be the one to change her
no matter where you sit down and look into those troubled eyes
you know you’re looking back at a stranger

he decides to put the dangerous girl in its place
and the safe one inside lily is the one for him
he can see it there like a jewel in a bulletproof case
but every time he touches it, the guards close in

till one long night it all comes down, predictable surprise
jet fuel running in his veins and roadmaps in his eyes
talking all about a wall, he never could break through it
she stopped hearing miles back and says
“i never ever dreamed that you would do it”

will and lily haven’t seen each other for awhile
he rolls down the window with a trembling hand, do you need a ride
she watches the need in his penitent eyes and she smiles
says “trouble is, sweet william, too much dangerous boy inside”

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