second skin

ten pm, 60 degrees and a 20 knot wind
whitecaps all go quietly in the moonlight
two kids choose between cigarettes and baby food
tonight they get it right

come back let me in
be my second skin

by tonight the tourists are all gone
every time they leave it brings you down
every year you change your prayer a little
make it so you’ll grow to love this town

out on the pier tonight there’s christmas lights
and they sprayed all the bars with snow
you had a chill all day but out in the bay
there on the water something glows

out the door by the dance hall floor and you’re running
just then the band counts out sweet jane
your heart opens like a parachute and you’re turning
we just need a tiny word to love again

is it the holiday
that makes us this way
just how lost we are but there’s something
farther inside us to say

it’s a perfect world we’re in
you’re my second skin

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