white on white on white

when i fell asleep the neighborhood dogs were barking
they’d picked up the trail of the hope that came here to die
and the airplanes circled like fireflies in the twilight sky
now it’s long after midnight and i can’t go near the bedroom
i’ve broken the deal with myself that i would not cry
but just like every night, tonight the flag will fly

and i can’t leave things behind me like you do
so i only have two options left tonight
and i choose pity and surrender over voodoo
and pledge allegiance to my flag of white on white on white

i know what i said about the highest mountain
i know i said i’d swim the deepest sea
thought I’d rescue my coins from the fountain and wish for free
but you always put those poetry promises behind us
you only wanted the person that i could be
you only wanted a glimmer of kindness
and that was too much for me

i have a plan to get you back for sure
stick a needle in my heart and hope it’s breaking yours

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